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Practicing Freedom & Heart Coherence
A Multi-modality Approach for Greater Ease, Inspiration & Radiance
with rev. angelika

DR ANjelika

Angelika offers a multi-modality approach of movement, chakra breathing, toning, and sound to lead us on a journey of freeing the physical, mental and emotional bodies of suffering.

Her angelic voice and inspiring words leave attendees in a state of heart coherence experiencing feelings of unity, love, joy and peace.


Words alone cannot describe one of Angelika's very special events.

Come see for yourself why these events are so popular!

Friday, Dec 1st


This event also includes 2 hours in the EESystem for FREE




"My first experience with Angelika's class was excellent. I enjoyed it very much - a special night!  Please have Angelika back on a regular basis as she is a true gift to humanity."
~Laura C.


"Each session has been a gift of emotional, spiritual and physical repairing with her lovely "tools" and gentle energy. I arrived tense and physically hurting to Angelika's session and left nearly floating, not in any pain and have kept this sense of peace. So wonderful."
~Sally S.

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