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Welcome To The
Tranquility Center

EES Center reception area
EESystem session with customers
owner Kim Steele

Kimberly Steele opened the Tranquility Center in 2019 to offer sound healing to the community. She brought in a beautiful array of instruments and has been slowly adding to her incredible collection over time. In addition to her incredible sound baths, she has been offering a variety of private healing sessions in this space for 4 years using a variety of sound healing tools and technologies.  

In 2022 Kimberly brought the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) into the center.  The powerful combination of sound, vibration and light has brought the potential of this amazing space to a whole new level!  Restore your life force energy and allow healing to happen. 

Learn more about Kimberly's work and read testimonials via this linK: 

More about Kimberly

Sound Therapy Gong
Sound bowls and tuning forks
Corner of EES room - two customers, monitors and gongs
sound therapy session singing bowls
Kim STeele diing Sound Bowls, Gong with EES
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