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Testimonials for the MiraMate Magic Pro Analog PEMF Mat

We love hearing about your experiences, so if you haven't had a chance to share with us yet, we'd love to hear from you!

female using pemf mat
PEMF mat therapy at home

"I have had back problems all my life since a childhood accident , but 2 months ago I had the worst episode ever.  Every muscle of my back seized up and I was bedridden for 2 weeks with the most intense pain I have ever experienced.  Over time It eased up somewhat, but for 2 more months my left psoas seized up every time I made a wrong move.  I could hardly walk and was housebound, not able to drive. I tried everything friends gave me: various CBD salves, commercial muscle relaxants like Icy/Hot, and CBD gummies. My doctor gave me a prescription for a powerful muscle relaxant which I took 3 - 4 times a day with several tabs of ibuprofen. The Rx numbed me out but did not cure the pain. I also tried many sessions of cold laser therapy to no avail. Certain abdominal breathing helped but only to a certain point.

Then, I had a 30 minute session on the MiraMate Pro PEMF mat.  At the end of the session I didn't feel any different, but a few hours later I began to notice a definite change. My prior experience that the psoas muscle could seize up at any moment had changed completely. Some days later, the improvement is still holding. There are still other issues I need to handle in terms of my back, but I am so grateful for the MiraMate Pro PEMF mat session I was able to have. It worked at a critical time when nothing else did."

-Nancy N.

'I experienced a muscle cramp while sprinting and it affected the muscle group that connects my leg to my hip. I was in a lot pain and ended up having to do micro movements with my leg. When I was driving my car I had to put my hand under my knee for support to move my foot from the gas to the brake. I could walk but very slowly. After a 30 minute session on the Mira Mate Analog PEMF Mat  my muscle pain is 85% gone. My muscles are still tender but I can move around with greater ease which is invaluable as I get down on the floor to do my sound healing work. I strongly recommend having a session with this mat. It really helps your body heal quickly and naturally."

- Forest A.

Patty testimonial for abdominal pain

"I’ve been a client of Tranquility Center for several months. After 6 years of going to doctors, spending $150,000 to hear the docs say they can’t help me, I found an angel, Kim Steele from Tranquility Center in Placer County.

Since using the PEMF mat I’ve had a new lease on life. My abdominal pain is almost gone. The energy is palpable and soothing.  I’m so happy this system is available. I’m stunned and I’m going to write all my doctors and let them know they are missing the boat!"
-Patty O.

Forest doing sound bowls

"In my experience with the MiraMate Pro PEMF mat, one of the first sensations I became aware of was the immediate electrical connection between myself and Mother Earth. The sense of grounding, peace and deep relaxation began in my hands and then spread from my head to toes, balancing my energy out while noticing the octave/vibration continuing to rise at a steady and comfortable vibration.


I have knee and spinal injuries, which prevents me from extending my leg out flat and also causes a strain and spasms in my back too,when I try to lay flat. To my great surprise and relief, after about 5 minutes on the MiraMate Mat and I was able to flex and extend my leg to rest almost totally on the mat, with no discomfort in my spine. I also have issues with the tendons in both my hands being inflamed and tight and I felt relief from that discomfort, too.


As a deep sense of relaxation moved through me and I felt all the tension in my body beginning to release, all I could think of was how soon I could book a follow up session! "

-Ellen S.

We love hearing about your experiences, so if you haven't had a chance to share with us yet, we'd love to hear from you!

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