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Private Therapies

We offer a variety of private, one-on-one energy healing sessions that use sound, light, and vibration. Each one uniquely aims to correct imbalances and blockages of the body's natural flow of energy. ​These modalities are effective at releasing trauma and emotional wounds and help to return the mind, body and spirit to a balanced state of wholeness and well-being.


Sessions with
Kimberly Steele


Tuning Fork Trauma Release Therapy (120-min)

Kimberly begins this session using tuning forks to assist in opening and expanding the chakra system. When the chakras are shutdown, they fail to provide vital life force energy to all the other energy systems of the body known as meridian pathways, prana or chi.  Once the chakras are flowing, she uses tuning forks as a form of bio-feedback to locate and release trauma and trapped emotions stored in the auric field,  She can identify whether the emotion was from a female or male and approximately what age it occurred.  Once identified, the trauma is released for good.  Depending on how much trauma one has experienced, it may take 2-3 sessions to release it all.
To book a session, please fill out a request 
here or contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455. 


Vibroacoustic Sound Table (30-min)

In this session, you will lie comfortably warm and supported in a peaceful surrounding as you listen to a therapeutic sound meditation with noise-cancelling headphones on while wearing photonic light glasses that gently flash to the sound of the music through your closed eyes.  This helps to stimulate the various brain waves and deeply relaxes the brain.  The vibrations of the music also travel through the Vibroacoustic Sound Table which feels like you're getting a massage from the inside out relieving tension, pain and stress. In addition, you may feel weightless as if floating in a lucid dream with no sensation of your physical body. This full sensory experience has to be tried to describe! Kimberly has two Vibroacoustic Sound Tables so you can experience this healing bliss with someone special at 20% off each.  To book a vibroacoustic sound table session for one or two people, please fill out a request here or contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455. 


"The Full Works" (120-min)

In this session, Kimberly combines Tuning Fork trauma release therapy with the Vibroacoustic Sound Table therapy, both described above.  In addition she will also use some combination of weighted tuning forks on all the major bones of the body and/or singing bowls or the gong for the ultimate state-of-the-art sound healing experience. This treatment is a "whole body tune-up," balancing the central nervous system with the circulatory system, restoring energy, vitality and a sense of well-being and ease to the mind, body, spirit. To book a session, please fill out a request here or contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455. 

female on MiraMate mat

MiraMate Magic Pro "Full Body" Analog PEMF Therapy (30-min, 60-min, or 90-min)

The Mira Mate PEMF mat therapy converts analog sounds (including RIFE frequencies) into pulsed electro magnetic fields (PEMF) that communicate with the cells in your body thru 98 coils located in a full-body sized mat that you relax and lie on. 

The Earth is electro-magnetic and our bodies automatically entrain to it.  Sound is how the cells in our body communicate so this is a very beautiful natural state for your body, nurturing your cells and restoring your body to good health.

This therapy is designed to reduce pain and discomfort and restore an overall sense of well-being.  Testimonials show in just a few treatments the MiraMate Magic Pro PEMF mat can very effectively help with:

  • Sleep Problems

  • Pain and Inflammation

  • Mood Issues

  • Fatigue and Lethargy

  • Difficulty Concentrating

The MiraMate Full Body PEMF mat therapy is available in 30-min, 60-min or 90-min sessions and may be booked to use while in an EESystem session.  

To book a session on the MiraMate, please fill out a request here or contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455.  


AMI-750 "Acoustic Meridian Intelligence" (30-min)

The AMI-750 "Acoustic Meridian Intelligence" device combines the five frequencies of the Earth in Chinese medicine with sound frequencies to communicate with the cells through the various meridian channels. It helps bring the body back to its natural homeostasis through sound and vibration.
This FDA-approved medical device can reduce stress, pain and inflammation, boost vitality, energy and anti-aging. It can also support respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular and immune system health. To book a session on the AMI-750
, please fill out a request here or contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455. 


Quantum Energy Healing

Kimberly offers other forms of quantum energy healing, including ThetaHealing and Heartwall Release that help to free yourself of old limiting emotional patterns, beliefs and trauma to improve your emotional well-being to stay healthy, happy, balanced and able to manifest the life you truly desire.

Kimberly is also an Essential Oil Wellness Consultant with DoTerra and with nearly 10 years experience can assist you in determining which essentials oils would be best for you.   She can help you understand which oils work best for emotional difficulties, that when improved, ease the physical dis-stress in the body.

To book a consult, please contact Kimberly at
530-298-7455 or fill out a request here.

Sessions w/ Kimberly
Sessions w/ Cindy
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