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The Myriad of Benefits from Sound Healing

Sound Healing is growing in reputation in our Western culture as a preventative, complimentary therapy to allopathic medicine, largely by word of mouth from those that have experienced the benefits.  MORE...

Group Sound Bath 

Join Kimberly for a 1-HR sound bath, offered every Sunday, designed to take you to a very tranquil state of deep relaxation and peace.  

Relax back in a comfortable zero-gravity chair and release the mind chatter as Kimberly takes you on a guided meditation into a peaceful state.  She then takes you on a sound journey/meditation allowing your  body to be bathed in the beneficial frequencies and sounds of high vibrational instruments such as Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Chimes, Bells and much more.  You

also receive all the highly beneficial and life-affirming scalar energy and bio-photonic light of the EESystemWhen combined with the beneficial frequencies of high vibrational instruments, this is the ultimate quantum healing experience for the mind, body and spirit!

Be prepared to walk in and float out as you restore your life-force energy and allow healing to happen. 


Every Sunday @ 4:00-5:00pm (in the EESystem)

$65 reg. / $39 with promo code SAVE40%SB when you book online

Same day walk-ins may be accommodated if there is availability.  Please text Kimberly first to confirm at 530-298-7455

 Schedule A Private
Sound Bath Experience

People love to schedule private sound baths to share the experience together, whether it be for a birthday celebration, girl's day out, family holiday, employee appreciation, and/or special club gathering. 

Private sound baths may be booked for 1-14 people on a day and time suitable for your group's event.  Pricing discounts are based on the total number of attendees.

We provide comfortable zero-point gravity chairs to recline in with a cup holder for your water and a blanket you can throw over your body to keep comfortably warm as you deeply relax, release and rejuvenate.

To book a private sound bath, please click here to fill out a short form describing your needs.  Or contact Kimberly  at 530-298-7455.

Group Sound Baths

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