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EESystem Testimonials

We love hearing about your experiences, so if you haven't had a chance to share with us yet, we'd love to hear from you!


“Very coherent energy, healing, relaxing, out of this world beautiful. I was always drawn to work with frequencies and I use various modalities of sound healing. During a 90 minute EES system session at the Tranquility Center, I experienced an unusually deep state of relaxation and well being. I am in good health overall, but I noticed an even greater level of wholeness and coherence in body/mind/emotions. I also brought an elderly friend to the center for a 90 minute session, who had recently taken some falls and had been depressed and disoriented for quite some time. I noticed that he was more alive, talkative, yet relaxed after the session. I am very grateful for the beautiful people bringing this modality into our area as I feel it will help many people improve their health and well being.    “  - Rev. Angelika 

"The experience was extremely relaxing and transformative. I could feel the energy moving in my body clearing and releasing. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and regenerated, and although I was worried about being able to drive home, it was seemless.  I highly recommend the EESystem treatment for anyone. The scalar energy seems to work with each body individually to bring about the needed healing on all levels. The atmosphere at Tranquility Center is peaceful and sacred." - Viv

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“Amazing experience from start to finish!  I really liked the vibe of the set up and was taken on an amazing journey of self reflection and visualization.” - Michelle

"This is something you must experience for yourself! Everyone has a unique inner journey. I am so grateful I was introduced to sound healing and will definitely go back again!" - Rita


"Thoroughly enjoyed the EE treatment today. We are so fortunate to have this healing and curative opportunity so close to home." - Catherine


"I enjoyed a wonderful EESystem experience with Cindy!" - Randall

“I felt I was with the Angels! Such a special pleasure to meet them.” - Roger

"Having been practicing meditation for many decades, I know in the beginning of it there is some period of time that your body, your senses, need to sort of settle in, shut off, as my qi gong teacher used to call it, before entering the deeper state of trance. The EES room shortens that period to...0. As soon as I walked into the room I felt I was already in that state, united in body and mind, having physical sensation of being more energy than matter, of being more divine than human. A totally amazing feeling, that may help those who aren't familiar with meditation practice greatly to achieve the results equal to advanced meditators. And once i got into a state and started a healing session for those beautiful people who were so consciously present that day, there was no me. It was like the source, the universe channeled through me into the other spreading through the room, like a vortex of energy taking over everyone present there and uniting in something that i can identify as 'LOVE EVER-PRESENT'." - Dr. Ihor

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"As a practitioner of healing services for over 10 years using sound, frequency and vibration I found the EESystem to be very well received by my cells. After a 90 minute session I noticed a big pickup in my energy level. I have worked with many similar devices like Dr. Rife's device, The Rasha Scalar and plasma array, Auditable frequency ad tones. I have done extensive blood viewing before and after frequency sessions using my dark field microscope the effectiveness on our cells using frequency devices can be clearly seen and I look forward to experimenting with the EESystems. I would like to thank Kimberly for setting up the Tranquility Center and offering these services to the public at an affordable rate." - Rick

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"I have been excited to learn about Dr. Sandra Rose Michael's EESystem. And then delighted to learn they were right here in Auburn. I had a beautiful session today. It has been 6 hours & I still feel so happy & peaceful. During the 90 minutes I saw violet color with gold flashes. I also found I was crying joyful tears. So elated! l accidentally left my favorite water bottle. Perhaps it's the Universe making sure that I return. And I will! Thank you!" - Jaylyn

"Beautiful facility with an impressive collection of toning bowls, gongs etc. I loved the whole adventure. Three of us took off from Reno, had a great lunch, found a great little rock shop with super cool stuff, then we all gathered in this amazing beautiful environment. Before I knew it I was deep in the theta state and had almost forgotten where I was when Kimberly gently let us know the 90 minute session was concluding. (It literally felt like 30 min.) Thank you for an amazing experience!!!" - Kerri

“My mom and her sister had a session together, and both came out of it in the most harmonious state of peace. My mom was actually pain free for the first time in weeks!! Her depression lifted and joy had finally returned. My aunt was able to gentle release some old stored emotions and felt a lot better afterwards. They both felt as if their energy levels had been restored. They also both said that they felt the presence of their deceased father visiting with them which was just beautiful. It is truly amazing how this system helps us to heal us on so many levels!” - Cindy

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“Oh my goodness, it was an amazing experience. It was perfect. I was feeling quite a bit of pain during the session. I knew that it was from my Emotional body and had manifested in my Physical body. As the session progress, the pain transmuted into complete relaxation.” - Amy 

"First of all it was very relaxing and rejuvenating. At first some emotional material came into my awareness without the emotional charge. Very interesting. At first time seemed to stand still then it just evaporated and all of a sudden the session was over. During the time lapse I sometimes felt like I was floating. All in all it was a very unique experience and rejuvenating.” - Holly

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"Warm relaxing centering environment. We will be back many times!!! Cindy is an angel with a great heart and soul. She's a great ambassador for healing. The world needs a lot more women like her. ❤️" - Dave

"The vibe of excitement, balancing, and unified connection is here. This level of experience is here now. So much good. I am returning for more. Still vibrating hours later and feeling the ❤️" - Judy

"It took me a little while to settle down -- with myself -- as I have been experiencing very high and frequent anxiety states for over a month. Eventually I felt my lower extremities really relax and at some point later on, I began to see dancing colors (eyes closed all the while) and 'lighted' shades inside my head, above and between my eyes. Colors were primarily violet and yellow, which reminded me of when this would occasionally happen during moments I would be meditating. This brought me feelings of joy as I so love seeing this kind of imagery/color with my eyes closed. I suppose it also surprised me, as I consciously was not expecting it. Afterwards, I really cherished the group sharing opportunity with Sherry, our facilitator, and I was grateful just to hear of others' experiences in the room. Overall I truly feel it was a beneficial thing to have experienced. And I would want to do more in the future when possible! Totally grateful to you folks for gifting us with such an opportunity!! I would recommend anyone giving it a try -- without reservation! Given the unprecedented times we have been living in for nearly the past 3 years, I can't imagine anyone NOT having been affected in some 'uncomfortable' way, on any level, whether it be the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As they are ALL connected anyway. Nothing to lose! We are simply blessed to have these sessions available to us, and so close to home now." - Doreen

"The whole atmosphere was wonderful. The antigravity chairs with tables attached were perfect for the group settings and the pillows and blankets put it over the top. Originally, when the room got quiet, the energy was pulsing through my whole body and brain. In just a couple minutes everything was mellow and tingling. I am 59 1/2 years old and injured my right ankle when I was 16 and fell off of a gymnastics beam. I rolled my ankle again yesterday afternoon and it was literally the size of a golf ball when I arrived at the center. After a 90 minute session, not only did my brain feel much clearer, but my ankle had gone down quite a bit in size and the pain level had also dropped. I cannot wait to see what more time and soon future appointments will bring." - Chris

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Very restful. It was needed calm in life's storm." - Sally

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“I really enjoy the peacefulness and the abundance of energy after.”  - Linda

“Enjoyed the serenity. Very professional. Pleasant experience.” - James

 "I love my 2 hr EE sessions. I drop in and fall so deeply asleep, it’s a pleasure. I’ve had 4 sessions so far. I feel they’ve helped me to feel more stable when walking. The edema in my legs, while not completely gone, is way down and it's helped my vasculitis a little too. Thank you." - Cari

"The EEsystem session was amazing. Very comfortable seating and tranquil setting for meditative experience. The space has amazing energy." - Sony

“Such a relaxing space and enjoyable session. Overall body pain reduced 50% the next morning.” - VaShon

“What I enjoyed the most is the tranquil, feel good energy that comes over me while I’m there” -Laurel

We love hearing about your experiences, so if you haven't had a chance to share with us yet, we'd love to hear from you!

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