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 Sound Healing Therapies 


Sound Table Therapy Sessions

Kimberly's  Sound Table Therapy sessions utilize sound, light and vibration to release trauma and return the mind, body, spirit to a balanced state of wholeness, balance and well-being:


Tuning Fork Therapy  
Kimberly begins this treatment using tuning forks as bio-feedback to  release trauma and trapped emotions stored in the auric field sometimes for many years.  Next, she uses tuning forks to open or expand the major energy centers known as chakras.  When chakras are shutdown, they fail to provide vital life force energy to all the other energy systems of the body known as meridian pathways.  Kimberly concludes this therapy using weighted tuning forks on the major bones in the body to amplify vibration to boost the immune system and cellular communication and reduce inflammation.   

Vibroacoustic Sound Table Therapy 

In this 30-min session you will lie comfortable, warm and supported in a peaceful surrounding as you listen to a therapeutic sound meditation through noise-canceling headphones while wearing photonic light glasses that gently stimulate the brain waves through your closed eyes. To complete the healing quality of this treatment, the vibrations of the music also travel through Kimberly's Vibroacoustic Sound Table and feels like a massage from the inside out relieving tension, pain and stress.  In addition, you may feel weightless as if floating in a lucid dream with no sensation of your physical body. This full sensory sound, vibration and light experience has to be tried to describe.  Kimberly has two Vibroacoustic Sound Tables so you can experience this healing bliss with someone special at 20% off each.

The "Full WORKS" - Sound Healing Experience
This 2-Hr session combines the Tuning Fork trauma release therapy with the Vibroacoustic Sound Table therapy in the ultimate state-of-the-art sound healing experience that massages the body from the inside out. 

This treatment is a "whole body tune-up," balancing the central nervous system with the circulatory system, restoring energy, vitality and a sense of well-being to the mind, body, spirit. 

Sound Acupressure - Cymatherapy

Kimberly utilizes the AMI-750 "Acoustic Meridian Intelligence" device, a form of sound acupressure with the 5 Frequencies of the Earth, to speak the language of the cells and bring the body back to its natural resonance with sound and vibration.  Use this FDA-approved medical device to:

  • Reduce stress, pain and inflammation 

  • Boost vitality, energy, anti-aging

  • Support respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, immune system

Extensive research conducted by Cyma Technologies, Inc. indicates substantial health improvements in just 6 weeks using the AMI-750 protocols for 30 mins, 2 times a week but results also show benefit from just a single treatment.  It depends on how chronic the condition is when you get started. 


For those dedicated to their healing, these 30-minute sessions are available to purchase in 6 and 12 Session Packages and reduce the price per session by 25% and 35% respectively. 

If you have trouble booking a private session at a time that works for you, please contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455 to find an appropriate time together. 



Essential Oil Wellness Consult

Kimberly’s essential oil-based services include wellness consultations that are both educational and empowering. We discuss your body's imbalances that are both physical and emotional in nature and what is needed to bring you back into balance. You leave with a prioritized list of essential oils to help support your body's own innate wisdom to heal. Take the list away to contemplate, or start with a few oils and expand as you desire. Kimberly uses doTERRA essential oils that are certified pure therapeutic grade (CPTG) with no harmful preservatives or fillers. To book a consult, please contact Kimberly at 530-298-7455 or fill out a request here.

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