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The Energy Enhancement System™ (EESystem)

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To learn more about the Energy Enhancement System (EESystem), there are several very informational videos provided below.


If you want to understand the true science behind the EESystem and how the system's scalar energy and bio-photonic light affect the body, see Jason Shurka break it down classroom style:

For a less scientific approach but a more general overview about what it is, how it came about, and how it is used, watch the next two videos where Jason Shurka interviews  Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the maker of the EESystem. In the first video, Jason Shurka interviews Dr. Michael about various aspects of the EESystem followed by a second video where they take a whole host of live questions from the audience.

The Revolution of Healing - Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology

LIVE Q & A - Your Questions Answered

Dr. Sandra Michael addresses the audience about the EESystem's ability to repair the DNA and lengthen the Telomeres at the 2017 Extraordinary Technology Conference:  

EES Bio-Active Scalar Generator, Extraordinary Technology conference, 2017

Michael Scalar, son of Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, shares a deeper dive into EES technology in this a short 11-minute summary.

Michael Scalar - Science of EES

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