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Bathe in a Quantum-Healing Energy Field of Vibration, Sound & Light 

dna frequency
scalar energy healing hands
Kim playing sound bowls

Restore your life force energy

and allow healing to happen.

ees color frequency

The Energy Enhancement System

The Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) generates multiple life-enhancing energy fields including scalar waves and biophotonic light that interface with the body’s DNA and promote healing. The EESystem increases cellular energy to optimum levels, so the body can rejuvenate and heal itself.  

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person meditating by lake



Private energy healing therapies help to transmute stagnant or dense energies into light. Letting go of emotional wounds, traumas subconscious beliefs and patterns all help to clear the way for health and wellness. We offer a variety of energy healing modalities all within the healing vortex created by the EESystem.

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sound gong



Relax, restore and energize your body in a beautiful sea of sound and vibration. Kimberly's group sound baths, offered every Sunday, are designed to take you to a very tranquil space of deep relaxation and peace. Private sound baths are also available for retreats and special events.

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Special Events
& Classes

We offer a variety of classes and special events each month all geared to help us on our paths to heal and awaken. Offerings include Sound, Toning,  Breathwork, Meditation, Movement & Stretching, Inspiring Healing Circles, Spiritual Workshops and more.

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