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Have you been doing everything “right” only to feel tired all the time? Are you gaining weight, feeling depressed or experiencing  other symptom of dis-ease in your body? Well, it could be that your body is in toxic overload and you are not using the correct method of detoxing that your body needs. There is no set form of detoxing that works for everybody. You may be following one of the made-up fallacies often found circulating in the media and online these days, that can often put your health at great risk.  

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In this workshop we will discuss some of these supposedly healthy myths. You will learn how your body actually detoxes and also where toxins may be hiding in your home and environment.

Please bring with you a pen and paper, some water and an open mind. We will be tasting a detox smoothie and tea you can make at home.

Wednesday, February 15

This event will be held in the EESystem which is included in the price.


​Learn the Myths Around Detoxing 
While Enhancing Your Energy Levels
(this event includes 2 hours in the EESystem!)

hosted by roxanne delillo 
Internationally Certified Nutritional 
Therapist & Detox specialist 

Roxanne DeLillo

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