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Fall Equinox Special Events
Sept 22-24th


Healing Hearts Ceremony With Ho'oponopono For Gaia

with Rev. Angelika

All inspired healing hearts, we welcome you to join us celebrate the Fall Equinox with a Healing Hearts Water Ceremony with Ho'oponopono for Gaia led by the amazing Rev. Angelika.

This event may include (but is not limited to) a guided visualization to open and connect our hearts and breath, followed by inspired song, music, dance/movement, and a beautiful water blessing ceremony for our beautiful Earth Mother who so needs our heart-centered consciousness now.    AHO!

Friday Sept 22 (Equinox)

Includes 2 Hrs in the EESystem

Click here to learn more and/or signup. 


Fall Equinox Drum Circle
with don of a different drum

Come celebrate the Fall Equinox in comm-UNITY as we gather in circle sending the beats of our own heart out into the collective consciousness through our inspired hearts and instruments of LOVE.  

Never been to a drum circle or don't have an instrument?  Here's your chance to see how it feels.  Drums, rattles and crickets/frogs are provided. If you have your own instrument please do bring it!

Don leads the drum circle and also teaches basic drum rhythm and beats with  emphasis on drum circle etiquette so that all instruments may be joyfully heard.  

Saturday Sept 23
Includes 90-mins in the EESystem

Click here to signup.  Space is limited so please sign up early to reserve your spot.

Introduction to the Magickal Drum
with don of the different drum

Sunday Sept. 24
10:00 -4:00PM

($150 if you've made a Drum with Don)

This one is too good to miss!  On Sunday our Equinox festivities will include Don offering an "Introduction to the Magickal Drum, a 
5-HR playshop that brings it all together ~ the history of the magickal drum and how it is best used for meditation, ceremony, ritual and as a healing modality.

This is a very useful playshop if you are a wholistic practitioner, priest/ess, drum circle lead, solitary, or if you’d just like to incorporate drumming with deeper meaning into your own life.

And, if you don't yet own your own drum, there will be plenty of wonderful drum options to borrow for the day.

Here's the itinerary: 

1: Introduction to Magickal Drumming
This is exactly as it sounds, an introduction with a whole bunch of Q and A. No drums required as this will be primarily lecture. Topics to be included:
Foundations, Introductions to Meditation, Celebration and Healing.

2: Meditation.
Pretty much as it sounds. Expect active participation. Drums not required, but would be nice. Practitioners welcome and desired.
Topics covered: Personal meditation, guided, and which drums to use under what circumstances. Working with Practitioners and why will also be covered.

Lunch Break

3: Ceremonial and Ritual Drumming
This is a participation session for drummers and practitioners alike. If you have a drum, bring it! If you don’t, that’s OK! 
Topics to be covered, opening/closing sacred space, raising energy, “talking” to the spirits, types of drums to be used in which situations, planning and “winging it”. 

4: Healing
Ah, the age-old Shamanic practice. Bring your drums, ailments, ideas, and get ready to get your hands dirty as you’ll be working on your classmates. 
Topics covered: Rhythm styles, appropriateness, drum choices. 

This one is too good to miss!  

Click here
 to sign up.. (If you've made a drum with Don before email  for a promo code for $50 off when you book.)

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