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Energy Healing
with Dr. Ihor Miliaeiv


If you're ready to reset an aspect of your life that is not working to your satisfaction, this is the event for you. Come with a clear intention of what it is you want for yourself and how you want to feel in your body & mind once you attain that.


Dr. Ihor will guide you deeper into the feelings of what you desire and also energetically clear out old patterns and/or wounds that may be in your way. It is a vibrational reset to a new way of being, which will ultimately help you to manifest your desires.


Dr. Ihor is an internationally certified holistic energy healer from the Ukraine who spent 20 years in Vietnam studying various energy healing modalities including acupressure, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, Oneness awakening, and martial arts. Here in the U.S. he has trained with Dr. Joe Dispenza who's work had a great influence on his abilities to lead powerful healing events.


This is a group event which also includes 2 hours in the EESystem. 

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