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How big of a difference do number of EES units make?

The answer is still somewhat controversial. EES centers can be found that have 4 to 48 units. Our center here in Auburn has 8-units.

Most people tend to lean toward believing that, for instance, a 24 unit center is 3 times more effective than an 8 unit setup. This may be patently false.

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the inventor, has written or spoken on this, and her opinion is that more units does mean more effectiveness, although we can't seem to find any details on what the precise difference in results are.

There is much technical information on EES systems, and if you wish to go research details here's a link to a good resource with dozens of articles and studies:  Energy Enhancement System™

Until we can see some third party studies that accurately calculate  the benefits based on number of units, here's our current position based on our experience over the last few years:

In our opinion you should look at an EES unit somewhat like a phone charger, since basically an EES machine is "charging" the voltage of every cell of your body.

There are "standard" chargers (say 4-12 units), and there are fast chargers (maybe 24 units and above). Using our example, a fast charger is not necessarily better than a standard charger. It just charges the body's cells more quickly. But like a phone, you cannot charge past 100%. 

Therefore, once the body's cells are "full" (i.e. max voltage), you may be receiving much less benefit or even no benefit. So consider that it makes no difference how you got there, via a 4-unit or a 48 unit. Likewise, the time spent with the session may max out also. It's also a topic of controversy how long one should stay in a continuous session . . . one hour? two? 8? 24?

if you stay past the point where your cells are "charged", you may be wasting time and money. The body absorbs only what it needs and capable to use.

Admittedly though, there's no way to tell when the body's cells have reached that saturation point. 

We personally suspect there may be an advantage to slowly charge the cells, and therefore it may be better to attend a center with 8-12 units. And we also suspect the optimum length of a session is about  90-minutes for most. If your body seems to need more, you could book multiple sessions in a day, or we can offer a private session of any length, even overnight. Currently we offer only 90 minute sessions, based on a survey of our clients. It seems to be the most common length that our customers feel is optimum.

But you cant go wrong with any number of units. Even the small Qube (4 units) can have the same benefit, although it may take longer to fully "charge" your cells.

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