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About Cindy England

Cindy is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Channeler, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Mentor and Yoga Teacher who is passionate about helping people heal, thrive and live their lives in the best and brightest possible way!

During Reiki sessions Cindy uses her intuitive abilities to read your energy field and receives divine guidance from the higher realms about where healing is needed. She not only channels this guidance but also channels powerful healing energy (Reiki) that is highly effective at releasing heavy, stuck energy (trauma, old wounds, self-limiting beliefs etc.) that may be contributing to illness and disease. Your energy field will get cleansed, cleared and balanced so that you not only feel lighter, but will heal at a soul level.

Cindy also offers channeled readings where she will facilitate a conversation between you and your spirit guides and/or departed loved ones. Visit her Divine Guidance website for more information on that.


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From the moment I met Cindy, in our first session, I felt so supported and cared for. I immediately felt her warmth and dedication to her craft. The first session was emotional (as I had lost my father) and her ability to translate my spirit guides support was just amazing. Since then I have worked with her on Reiki sessions/Spirit Guides/Akashic Records. Each session has sprung a new perspective of healing and light work. For me, it feels like spending time with a Spiritual Counselor and Friend. Thank you Cindy for giving your gift to the world!


Cindy is such a beautiful light and radiates the best energy! Both my Reiki and spirit guide channeled sessions gave me exactly what I was looking for. I was given specific answers and resolutions to my questions and it limited all of my worries. I could not thank Cindy enough for all of her help and guidance. She truly has a gift!

I received a very deep healing and clearing which really activated something powerful within me. I am so grateful for Cindy's beautiful compassion and ability to connect to higher beings of light and love. Through Cindy they spoke with me about everything that was happening with me, all of it 100% true. I went in ready to work on releasing old stuck ways of being that I know are no longer useful, and gained clarity around the changes that I know I need to make. My beautiful dad, angels and the great spirit of eagle all came through to help me. (Much to my amazement I received a text from my neighbor at the exact time of my session, that included a photo indicating that an eagle had just visited my home. Surely his powerful healing energy was with me that day!) Everything I gained from the experience is still percolating and I know it's helping me to raise my vibration in order to hold more love, light and truth. Thank you so much Cindy. I am honored and truly blessed to have made such deep connections through our work together. 


Cindy gave me a marvelous session. Her guides were extremely supportive and positive. At the same time, they gave me direction that I needed for the next steps of my life. Cindy was generous with her time and made sure that I was able to have an interaction with the guides that answered my needs. A great sharing of a lot of information and a lot of love. I would recommend a session with Cindy and her guides to anyone and everyone.

I have known Cindy for about 10 years and throughout this time I’ve seen such a transition from a corporate high-strung, fast-paced woman to this incredible healing, kind and giving soul. She has helped me in so many ways, most recently through her spiritual healings. I have had some experience with spiritual healers in the past and some were spot on, but Cindy puts so much love and caring into taking care of her clients that her sessions go to a much deeper and more complex level. Yes she knows me, but the things she brings up while channeling her spirit guides are not things we discuss in every day conversation. She is really one of a kind and I am so blessed to have her as one of my best friends with the added bonus of her being my spiritual healer.

Cindy is a wonderful and powerful healer. She and her guides have given me the tools to help me through my journey. I feel so much lighter after my sessions. I love getting confirmations over things she has no knowledge of. It is a privilege to work with her. I’m feeling at peace and a sense of calm over things that would have in the past upset and stressed me out. She is definitely a divine light and love.

I really didn't know what to expect. My good friend recommended Cindy to me knowing that I have been seeking healing around a situation in my life. I made the appointment after witnessing a healing in her. Cindy's reading was filled with love and validation. She was spot on naming the energies surrounding the situation in which I was seeking healing for. I came away with not only validation, but concrete tools to move through to the other side. It was worth every penny and much better than going through weeks, or months, of talking to a counselor. She is a bright light and a very loving soul - both come through her readings.

Laurie Jo
I have been in the healing arts 25+ years and I have received transformational healing work from Cindy. Healing the wounded healer, I am beyond grateful for her Divine Work.

As a fellow healer who is in tune with her guides, I wasn't entirely sure I needed or what to expect from a medium session. Cindy made it so easy and it flowed naturally even without my full understanding or prep! I believe we all vitally need that connection to be solidified and encouraged throughout our life and Cindy makes it beautifully accessible. I know we sometimes ask ourselves - do we really need this? Well, I can tell you it’s a lot more valuable than I thought, and has made me feel more connected and relaxed about my current life path. I got encouragement, ideas, soothing messages, and even some laughter! A session with Cindy is a much more affordable and rewarding path to feeling lighter and upbeat about life- and frankly a lot easier on the wallet than retail therapy!

I always trust that I’m meant to hear whatever comes through in a session. Cindy brought through some key words that helped validate my own thoughts and feelings, and the love and encouragement that came from her and her team of higher guides helped dissolve some lingering self doubt. I felt very supported throughout the session and left with some creative spiritual tools to help me move forward in life. The session definitely helped me to see my situation in a more positive light and to pay more attention to the pieces I’ve been overlooking.

Cindy channels the Zs [a collective of ascended masters and spirit guides] with clarity. She has a sweet spirit, and wonderful sense of humor. I immediately felt safe with her. After our session I felt uplifted by her support, and the information that came through, to help guide me on my path.

My reading with Cindy was exactly what I have been needing to hear to get out of the headspace I was in. She channeled the message from my guides beautifully and answered all the questions I had for my past, present and future. Thank you for getting me back on track and really adding some clarity and perspective to my situation.

I am a baby medium myself and I had had trouble communicating with my maternal grandmother. Cindy was so great at bringing her in with vivid detail and emotional context. My grandma was a medium too! It was great to feel her blessing and pride in my reading work (mainly palmistry). Through Cindy, my grandma gave me special insight and support about a difficult situation with another relative. This was so timely too because that situation hit a crisis shortly after this reading and I was able to handle it with some perspective that I didn’t have before. This allowed me to set boundaries and stick up for myself without being overly harsh or emotional. In this way, her reading changed my life for the better!

Thank you so much for the session and the delivery of the Record Keepers messages. You are so talented and have an amazing gift. I felt very much at ease with you and was amazed how the words were flowing. Absolutely fantastic what you do and actually that it is possible! I find the Akashic records so fascinating!


Cindy’s light and energy is truly magnificent. I was blessed with her gift of Reiki as one of the most impactful healing tools and influences of my healing journey, as I was recently met with the pattern interrupt of early stage ovarian cancer. Her Reiki led me to feel divine healing, not just of my tumor, but of my heart. With Cindy’s guidance, and these tiny bits of informational nuggets that came through in the process I was able to recognize that the power to heal was always within me. Reiki with Cindy has opened up my chakras, and the energy flow that I feel now comes with me through my days as I practice self-love, work to manage my own energy flow, and move forward in re-imagining my future, cancer free. Cindy’s gift, in a nutshell, was life changing for me. I’m forever grateful.

My reading with Cindy was deeply encouraging and greatly contributed to a renewed commitment to my spiritual path. My connection with Cindy and her guides was of such high frequency that I was able to jolt myself out of a dark and confusing period of my life. The frequency was of such magnitude that there were moments during the reading when I was close to tears because of the amount of joy that was pouring into my heart. Thank you, Cindy, for your powerful words of love and encouragement. I feel that I am better equipped with the next chapter of my spiritual life.

Thank you so much Cindy for a wonderful reading. I couldn't have asked for a better one. All my questions were answered with such clarity.  You truly are very gifted with channeling your guides! Many thanks. 

It was such a warm pleasure to be in Cindy’s energy space. She and her guides helped me understand and embrace my past with my future. I did not want it to end!

My reading was absolutely wonderful. During these tumultuous times when so much is going on in the world, Cindy’s insights gave me so much help to re-center and re-prioritize what is important to me by drawing from the wisdom of my spirit guides. I was given specific resolutions to questions and doubts that were lingering for me, and the entire reading experience was supportive, transparent, and incredibly enriching! 


Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need assistance booking a session or class.


To learn more about Cindy's spiritual work and/or book a reading, visit:

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