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Have you even wished you could ask your spirits guides and angels a question and then have them directly respond to with advice and guidance? This is the exact reason Cindy taught herself how to channel. She knew how phenomenal it would be to be able to converse with the spirit guides that she knows are guiding and assisting her every day, in every moment.


Cindy channels a "council" or a "collective of ascended masters, master teachers, angels, and high frequency universal energy beings" which in layman's terms are all simply "spirit guides". These divine helpers know exactly why we chose to incarnate on planet Earth and they help us with our lessons and in fulfilling our soul's purpose. Their mission is to assist with our growth and evolution, both individually and collectively, and they love any opportunity they get to communicate with us.

Join us for a live channel with the higher realms and be sure to bring a question or two that you would like some divine guidance on.

Saturday, March 18

This event will be held in the EESystem which is included in the price.

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