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Empowering You to Heal Using Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda


10-11:30 AM


Hosted by Laurie Millar
Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner, Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist

Modern life is taking a tremendous toll on physical and emotional well-being. Seemingly every day a new “disease” is found and the old ones never seem to go away. Drugs, vaccines and food that has been genetically modified and processed with strange sounding chemicals seem to be our only choices. Are we destined to live a life of poor quality and suffering or is there another way to go?

The ancient medicine of Ayurveda provides real solutions to this dilemma, with natural, holistic foods, plant medicine, body therapies and simple lifestyle changes that really work. Reconnecting with our true nature and healing is possible!

Come hear Laurie Millar talk about her experience with Ayurveda and her patients over the past 20 years. Learn how to assess your own individual constitution and where there is disharmony in your being. You will receive recommendations you can put to use immediately to help you THRIVE physically, mentally and emotionally in these uncertain times.

Sunday, April 16


This event will be held in the EESystem which is included in the price.


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